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More of my Mstie stuff!!
here's more pics, song lyrics, etc...
Amazing Colossal WebPage
A great unofficial site! (My Fave!)
Big 'Ole Mystery Science Theater 3000
Mike's Mystery Science Theater 3000 Site
Pictures, Sounds, Links, etc...
My own sounds site!
Download sounds here!!

Welcome to Serenitymoon's Mstie Site!!

Hey guys! Sorry that I haven't been keep up with this page but I have been
quite busy trying to graduate from grad school. I promise that I will have
some sort of an anniversary page up very soon. I am quite dismayed to hear that
the Sci-fi channel has decided to cancel MST3K, I hope that they can keep
putting stuff out if someone will pick them up. Hopefully, on a channel that
I can get. If anyone has anything that they would like to post here, let me 
know. I want to create a bulletin board or message board here, if you think
that is a good idea, let me know. 
Some stuff about me:
Name: Stephanie Poole

Mstie Number: 53788

Fav Episodes: Hercules Against the Moon Men and

Fav Character: Tom Servo and TV's Frank

Fav Special Guest: Torgo

Fav Short: Hired!

Most Disturbing Character in a Short: Mr. B Natural


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