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This year I had the fortune of being invited to Alabama with my friend, Mike, to go to an annual celebration of football. The crowd was a little lopsided towards the Crimson Tide this year. But,the Volunteers won. Here is a little pictorial history of the weekend.

Trying to play golf
Those crazy golfin' kids! Even I got to play!
It was a lovely afternoon for golf. Unfortunately for us our game did not reflect the beauty of the day. Mike and I took turns driving the cart and putting. We nearly killed each other while driving the cart. It was a lot of fun. Mike and I also got the most hallowed job of guarding the beer cooler. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to go back next year!

Are you ready for some football???!!?
Now here comes the fun part... the game!! Everyone knows that Tennessee won the day but the Bama fans were not about to give up hope. Check out some of the decorations on the television. The whole house was decorated in orange and crimson.
tv decorations
Well, one of the fun distractions for the day was this little guy, Alex. He is one the cutest little furballs I have ever seen. He also had the biggest appetite for beer that I have seen in someone so little!
Alex, the dog, drinking beer
After the game was over the losing team had to wear the winning teams jerseys. So, here are all the Alabama fans sucking it up and wearing orange.

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