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Links to some cool music sites

WBER 90.5 Fm
Official Catherine Wheel Page
A cool Brit band
London Suede's Official Site
An even cooler British band!!
Ani Difranco's Official Site
Home of Ani on the web
Second generation of Blue homepage
Official page for my friends from Western NY, who have relocated to Nashvegas
Fruvous Official Site
Home of Projekt Records
Home of Gothic recording artist Black Tape for a Blue Girl

Bored? Try these links:

The Thinkery!
We pity da foo!!
Spank the monkey!
Test your mouse speed by spanking the monkey!
TV Food Network
Get recipes and advice on everything from cooking to wine
Rotten tomatoes
Check out new movies here and write reviews!

Other Stuff...

Internet Movie Database
Find info on 1000s of movies here!!
Hiram College
Website of Hiram College (my alma mater)
Lake Shore Record Exchange
Buy all kinds of alternative music here. They have a HUGE selection!
Hill Woman Productions
Artfully blended herbs, oils, and incense.
Nashville Public Library
Check out the library's website!

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