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This is where I will put the postings from the last week. I will create an archive to hold all of my old postings on another page.

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Sunday, March 3rd

Hello all!!

Man, I hadn't realized that it had been so long since I have put an entry here. Geez, i am really off the ball. Well, things are going well down here. Work is keeping me pretty busy and the Symphony Chorus is stil flying high from a weekend of stellar performances. We sang Beethoven's Ninth (with the Nashville Symphony Orch.) to both critical and public acclaim. Basically, we kicked some serious ass. It was a great experience. Plus, I am getting ready to move. I found a new apartment on the east side of town, so I am starting to pack and get everything organized for that. I hate the hassle of moving but I am looking forward to a new place. It should be way cool. I am also in the process of sticking my feet back in the dating waters of Nashvegas. I put a personal as up and have had some good responses. I haven't met any of the guys face2face yet but I am sure that I will soon. I'll keep you guys posted on what happens. Anyways, this is probably enough for now. I'll be better about updating this thingie, I promise. Take care.

Tuesday, January 1st

Happy New Year!!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their New Year's celebrations. I spent a quiet evening at home. I had some recoverng to do so I spent the night watching cable. It was fun.

Well, to update you on my life, I broke up with that guy I was seeing. I really wanted things to work out but I just couldn't pretend to feel something I didn't. He said that maybe I was in love with being in love. That's probably true. So, I am back in the dating circuit again. Whee. Hopefully, I will be more successful in the local circuit than I was the last time. Ugh.

Anyways, I hope that the new year brings you all the happiness and love that you deserve. Happy New Year!!

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