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Hi everyone! Here are my first wine reviews ever! I have chosen three wines that are all under twelve dollars. So, every one of you should be able to afford them. I will try to post up reviews as often as I can, however, they probably will be pretty irregular. Some beer reviews might slip in here every once in awhile too. As always, you can take my advice but go out and experiment on your own. There are some fabulous wines out there for dirt cheap prices, there's no reason not to try them.

Stonehaven - Shiraz Cabernet (2000) $10.99
I hardly ever drink cabernets. I often find them too dry and bold for me since I like to drink my wine without food. But, this blend of shiraz and cabernet surprised me. It balanced the harshness of the cabernet with the fruity spice of the shiraz. A highly drinkable wine, I could see this paired with a simple red meat dish or some pasta with marinara sauce. It is also very good on it's own.
Barton & Guestier - Vouvray (2001) $9.99
The cheapest wine I reviewed, it is also my biggest surprise. It's a white wine, which I don't normally drink unless they are really sweet (like a riesling). This is like a chardonnay but much, much fruitier. I was pleasantly surprised. I would say that this is as close to a riesling as a French wine is ever likely to get. Try it.
Fat Bastard - Shiraz (2001) $10.99
This is just a fun wine. It has less pepper than the Rosemount Estate Shiraz but it is not a lesser wine. It has a fruitness and subtleness that other shiraz's don't seem to attain. Something about the French and their penchant for making soft, easy to drink wines. This would be a good party wine. Also, I have heard that the Fat Bastard chardonnay is quite good. I will try it and let you know whether it's worth your money.