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Whom Shall I Kill?

from episode 624, Samson versus the Vampire Women. Sung by Dr.F
Wait, I can't imagine. No, I shan't because it isn't true. But it is. Oh, this sucks. Who will be my guinea pig for my gene splicing, my fingernail transplants? My fajita? Who will I blame my mistakes on? Who, who will I kill? I've destroyed and I've maimed and I've kicked him. Now, I'm a bully with no victim. No adreline thrill, no screams that are shrill. Who, who will I kill? I've crushed his head a few times, memories like nursery rhymes. No one died like my TV's Frank. No sweet blood to distill, no cute tummy to drill. Who, who will I kill? When I look upon the first evening star, I remember when I hooked his liver to the engine of my car. I could pickle my Aunt Lil, give my dog a cyanide pill... but, what Frank shaped void could they possibly fill? Here's my money, you can bank it. I'm no good without my Frank, it seems he could die without batting an eye. Now, it seems I must take my own bitter pill. Tell me who, who will I kill? (crying) Frank, wherever you are! I will kill you!! © Best Brains Productions

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Coming soon! The Gamera Song!!! Oooohh! Ahhh!!

An Ode to Pants!!
Pants! Pants! Sing the praises of pants!!

Nothin' better shows my taste than what I wear below my waist!
Pants! Pants!!
Wear them and you're a cool guy as long as you zip up your fly!
Pants! Sing the praises of pants!
They help me suck in my gut, they always cover up my butt.
Dolphins, one of the smartest creatures on earth... do they wear
pants? No, but they wish they did. That's how smart they are!!

What keeps our legs all warm and hot? PANTS!
What prevents a buffalo shot? PANTS!!!
What have they got that I don't got? PANTS... huh?
© copyright Best Brains Productions
(from Hercules against the Moon Men)

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