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If I decide to keep a weekly log, I'll create a new page like this one for each week. I'll make sure to change the title and update the "most recent posting" link on the home page each time.

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Sunday, December 5th 2004

I hope that you all survived your Thanksgiving Days. I had a quiet holiday, there was only 4 of us at dinner. It was nice,  LOTS of food. I flew up and flew back, I didn't run into any of the travel problems that most people did. I was extremely lucky.
Well, still single. Then "Get Steph a man Intiative" has stalled. Don't really know what the heck is going on. I'm not getting any man coming my way and I am not seeing any worth going after. *sigh* It's rough out there and with the holidays looming it's getting depressing. I don't like spending the holidays alone but what are you gonna do? There is one guy on the horizon but I don't think he's thinking of me in a romantic capacity which sucks cause he's way cool (and hot!). The Army guy is still hovering but he's not willing to give me any sort of committment, which I want, so I might be having to move on or laying down an ultimatum.
Anyways, enough of that. Good luck with your x-mas shopping. Be careful and have fun. Happy Holidays!

Saturday Nov. 6th 2004

Hey there!
Not much has changed. Still single and looking. The "Get Steph a man intiative" has taken some strides forward but no measurable advances. IE. I don't have a man but things are looking up. I've at least gotten my confidence back which has been missing for quite some time. So, hopefully, I'l be able to find my game and have some luck finding someone mildly suitable. LOL

Work is going okay. Some minor troubles but they should work out fine. I think people are getting pretty damn frustrated with the whole place. It's just a weird place politically right now. I am just keeping my head down and doing my job, trying not to cause trouble. Lots of smiling and nodding on my part.

My sister and her hubby are looking for a house in Ohio. They were talking about moving to North Carolina but it seems they have changed their minds. Whatever, it means that I don't have to worry about them going through hurricanes. All good things... So, it's almost the holidays and so the family obligations are starting up again. I will be heading home for Thanksgiving to see the folks. I'll be stuck here for Christmas but I already have been invited to spend the day with one of my friends from work. At least I won't be alone, that would be extremely depressing. ANyways, enough of the holidays. Have a great week!!

My cat, Linus.

My kitty! This is my cat, Linus, playing around his favorite paper bag.