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The search for the perfect partner

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In depth...

Finding a good partner

I was sitting at a bar last night and we were discussing our 1 major characteristic for a partner. Some people had physical requirements, others had more intangible requirements. I didn't add to the conversation because I have been revising my current requirements. Everyone had some very interesting requirements. Some were unusual, as the  requirementof body hair, while others were common, like "a sense of humor". It got me thinking of what mine would be if I had to write a list.

I was watching a movie this evening and at one point the main character, Jeff, states what he is looking for: Someone to talk to, laugh with, get drunk with, cuddle with. I think that is bascially what we are all looking for, isn't it? Companionship. Maybe it really is that simple. People always say "Don't date your friends." Well, why not? Who are the people you are most comfortable with? Your friends. I would think that if you have accepted their friendship then you can accept their love. I have very few male friends that I wouldn't consider dating. So, here's my advice for finding a perfect partner (or a Mr./Ms. Right-Now): date someone you would be friends with. If you can't picture yourself in a friendship with that person, don't date them. If you can't have a friendship with them there has to be a fundamental reason why, and that reason might ultimately break you up.

And here's my personal list of ever-changing requirements:

Sense of humor, Intelligence, Taller than me, Height/weight proportionate, Nice eyes and chest, Kindness, Loyalty... That's it for now, I am sure I will come up with more. So, if you know any single men in Nashvegas, check them against this list and send them my way. Thanks!


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